Sunday, March 7, 2010


holy experience

I continue my quest to document 1000 gifts.  Won't you join me?

181.  Sore muscles.  I'm choosing to be thankful for some sore muscles I have had this week--due to simple things like yoga and the wii fit.  (I know, Pathetic with a capital P!) Those achy muscles made life slightly uncomfortable for a few days, and they reminded me of how out of shape and old my body is--but they are evidence of a body that can move and stretch.  A body that can push itself (even when it doesn't have the slightest clue that these simple things were pushing it!).  I'm thankful I can move.

183.  Spring-like weather.  We have had it for a few days, and although not warm exactly--it felt great.  It came complete with open windows and birds singing (I love birds singing!!).

185.  A short visit with my mom.  She came by to drop off some dresses she had found super cheap for Pickle to try on...but she sat and visited with me for about an hour.  We caught up a bit.  It's a gift to have mom in town, but we don't get to hang out as much as everyone seems to think we do.  I work most days, and the days I don't I'm catching up around the house, or with errands.  She also watches my nephew four days a she is doing the same on her days "off".  We go to the same church--so we see each other at church and church functions, sometimes lunch on Sundays.  She and my dad are great about coming to the kids' things.  We talk on the phone less than we see each other.  We do email (I know that sounds silly when  we live 10 minutes apart).  But email is not the same as grabbing a few minutes face to face.  So I am thankful for our impromptu one hour visit this week.

mom, dad, dave and pickle at bubba's b-ball game on Saturday

192.  Saturday breakfast dates with my hubby.  We recently started a weekly coffee or breakfast date on Saturday mornings.  We are in the season that we can leave the kids at home (if you aren't there yet, it WILL happen one day--hang in there!).  So we get up and get out, sometimes before they are both awake and enjoy some time together.  It's worked well to help us coordinate our weekend, to talk about practical important stuff, and to share whatever has been on our mind.  We are finding as we get older--the time after the kids go to bed is not so good for meaningful discussions.  We are too beat.  So this is working and it's fun!

195.  Seeds planted.  Sounds spiritual, huh?  Yeah, but this time I mean actual seeds.  Pickle and I used these little peat pellets to try to force some seeds early--we are growing our own annuals to plant out front come spring.  Our last frost in CO is late--I usually wait until late May to plant we brought a little spring in.  It will be fun to watch these little things sprout.  Somehow they represent hope and new life--even if outside gets snow a few more times this season.

What are you thankful for?  I'd love to hear!


Beth said...

First, I took a book and sat outside on our little deck yesterday afternoon, soaking up the sunshine. The fence really keeps away the wind, so it was perfect. LOVED it. Second, can you tell me more about these little seed things? I think I want to do them, too. :) Love you! Oh, and I'm thankful for time spent with my dad.

Dayle said...

Great list, Dawn. Today, I'm especially thankful for the opportunity and means to travel and see God's glorious world. We're curretnly in Arizona for some baseball spring training. Weather is rainy today, so it may be in day in the RV, but those are nice, too.

Have a blessed week.

Jennifer C said...

I can totally mom lives down the street and we don't see each other nearly as much as I thought we would. It is so nice to have time to chat and connect!
And...I am SO jealous of your Saturday morning dates...SO looking forward to that stage! ;)

Karen said...

Thankful for a bit of warmer weather here too. Thankful for a safe and rewarding conference time this past week. Thankful for bloggers. :)

Dawn said...

love your list of gifts today... and i am glad to hear that i am not the only one who lives close to their mom and still doesn't see her as often as people would think!
... and it was so good for you to offer that encouragement to the mamas of little ones... because the time will come when the kids can stay home and date nights can return :) and when that time hit for us it was so good... and it meant that we could focus a bit on each other again!

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