Monday, March 15, 2010

Thankful on Monday.

It's Monday, and time for my thankful post--you know, the one where I list some of the 1000 gifts I'm committed to documenting.  Only I must confess that my pace is slowing down--I'm forgetting to document  as much lately.  I think it's cause I'm in a busy season...but isn't that the time it is most crucial?  When we are busy, the habit to intentionally slow down and notice and be grateful is most important.  Or else we'll miss it all.   So, I'm pressing on.  I hope you do too.

Here's a few from my list this week:

#206   My new office configuration.  I work at our church, and my "office" is really just a desk in the church office.  For the last three years it has been configured in such a way that it is very easy for me to see the whole office, and anybody who comes in can see me.  I'm friendly.  I'm chatty. There are lots of visitors.  You can do the math--my desk was distracto-land for me.  For a long while, I've wanted to switch the whole thing around, but it was fairly involved and had a domino affect on the rest of the office space.  But this week we went for it--and now I have my own little hole.  (I like to call it my "office").  I really like it--it helps me focus more.  And since this is a busy time of year...focus is good.

Here is the whole thing in process--boy I can cause a mess!

Here is it done...yes, we need to do a little somethin' with that green wall.  Can you tell I sit behind there?

From the inside of my hole--excuse the mess, I'm working hard!  Notice at the top of the picture the door to the whole office.  Notice the wall between me and the door.  This = good.

#207   Sudoku.  Really, it's on my list.  (Although, I do have a mental block and call it Soduko sometimes.)  Do you like these little puzzles?   I have a little book on my nightstand and when I'm awake and need to be asleep, I do a few.  I'm getting sleepy and fighting altzeimer's at the same time!  Who says multi-tasking doesn't work?

#222.   Heat.  I was awake in the middle of the night.  I snuggled under my warm covers and heard the furnace kick on.  I knew that meant heat was now pumping through our home.  I'm thankful for a warm home, and heat that comes on automatically to keep it that way.  The fact that I thought of that in the middle of the night makes me think this grateful habit is working...

As always, I'd love to know what you are grateful for...

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Chris said...

Instead of "Where's Waldo?" maybe we need to play, "Where's Dawn???" I think you need a sign on the part of your desk that faces the office that says "Looking for Dawn? Peek around the corner!" or something.

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