Thursday, November 3, 2011

thirty thankful days-day 3--a tile floor

Every day in November I am posting something I'm thankful for, and I would love to have you join me!  Link to your thankful post below, or write about it in the comments.  Let's be thankful together!

A tile floor...really?  Dawn, yesterday you posted about your son, and today a tile floor?  Yes, I swung to the mundane.

Almost two months ago, in the last minutes before our small group arrived at our home, I discovered a mess.  I was doing the final wipe down in the bathroom, and the floor seemed wet.  I went to wipe it up and the floor squished down.  Water seeped up through the vinyl tiles we had there.  Uh oh.

My hubby was wise enough to call our insurance company before a plumber to see if it warranted a claim.  They sent someone out to access the damage and discovered black mold!  Apparently, it only takes 72 hours to develop.  So they sealed up the room and began a mold remediation process.  When that was done, we began to get estimates for the rebuild.

here is our bathroom all sealed up...
I don't know why, but this process has involved a whole lot of waiting.  Wait for this guy, that guy, that phone call, to pick this, to pick that, to figure out who will do the work, etc. etc. etc.  And we are without the bathroom on the main floor.  No matter how long it had been unusable...we all still manage to walk in there to use it before we remember the room is empty.

(Can I take a moment aside here and express my gratitude for the THREE other bathrooms in our house?--I'm such a whiner...)

Finally, last week, thanks to a dear semi-retired contractor from our church, work began on our bathroom.  Yesterday he finished tiling our floor.  We had trouble finding tile we liked, but I think I'm pleased.  I may be mostly pleased that it's done, but I think I'm also pleased with the way it looks.

What do you think??

Even though there is still painting, and all sorts of installing to do, the floor represents progress.  One of these days soon, we are going to have a bathroom there again.  And I'm thankful for progress.

Cause, Lord knows we can hardly survive on only three bathrooms around here...

What are you thankful for today?  Link up or comment!  Let's fill up blogland with thankfulness!

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Beth said...

woo hoo a tile floor! I felt that way when any little step of our kitchen was accopmplished. It's really not mundane, it's big. :)

Dawn said...

That is a BIG deal! Several years ago, we decided to replace all the downstairs flooring with hardwood. What a process... moving the furniture, removing old flooring, cleaning, installing, new baseboards and trim, touch up paint, etc. I remember the day it was all "in" - I really think I could have kneeled down and kissed the floor! Ha!

Love your choice of tiles. I hope you'll post pictures of the fully completed project!

Dayle said...

I'm thrilled for your new floor! Yay!

Thanks for hosting this lovely party.

Southern Gal said...

It looks beautiful. Saw at Dayle's blog that you had a linky party going. It's been a while since I've visited you!

Kay K said...

Thanks for hosting the thankfulnes party . Glad to join in !!
I know you will be so glad to be back in your new bathroom

Flora said...

Great Idea! I hope to join!!

Becca D said...

Looks nice! Textural and rich in color. :) So happy you don't have to suffer anymore without your fourth potty room! Ha ha! I'm hoping to link up one of these days before November is over.

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